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With Ozeankind against plastic in the ocean

Plastic in the ocean.

Environmental protection and sustainability at Santaverde

The importance of sustainability and environmental protection has a high priority at Santaverde and is an important guiding principle in our corporate philosophy.

It is important to us to take ecological responsibility and act sustainably not only in our own entrepreneurial activities. We are also committed to social projects and environmental projects that contribute to combating the environmental problems of our time. This includes, for example, the environmental organisation Ozeankind e. V., which has been actively campaigning against marine pollution since 2018.

Santaverde supports the environmental projects of Ozeankind e. V.

Recycling Project for Children with Ozeankind
Photo: Education and Recycling Project in Zanzibar. © Ozeankind® e. V.

Between 4 and 13 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year. The main reason is that plastic waste is not collected, separated or recycled in a controlled way in many regions. As social and environmental responsibility are inseparable parts of our corporate values, we strive to produce as little waste as possible and educate people about recycling. For example, we produce all product packaging and advertising materials with vegetable oil-based inks in a largely climate-neutral way, already offer two products, the enzyme peeling powder and the allround balm, in compostable jars and pay attention to environmentally friendly shipping boxes and transport routes when shipping our products.

But supporting non-profit organisations is also part of our social commitment and our ecological responsibility. In the past few years, we have therefore twice supported the environmental organisation Ozeankind with a monetary contribution to their environmental education and recycling projects.

"You care. We help."

Campaign with aloe vera gel pur, summer 2021

As part of a campaign, we supported the Ozeankind e. V., non-profit association, with 1 euro for every product sold of our bestseller aloe vera gel pur 50 ml with the campaign icon.

Campaign with aloe vera gel pur in summer 2021.

"You save. We help."

Green Week promotion, November 2021

We turned Black Week into a Green Week. In addition to a 10% discount for our customers, 10% (net sales price) of every product sold via our online shop during the campaign period went to the projects of Ozeankind e. V..

Green Week promotion in November 2021.

The work of the environmental organisation Ozeankind e. V.

Children's environmental education project from Ozeankind.
Photo: Environmental education project in Zanzibar. © Ozeankind® e. V.

The non-profit organisation campaigns nationally and internationally for increased awareness in dealing with single-use plastic and against the ever-increasing pollution of the oceans by throwaway plastic. Ozeankind's work focuses on recycling and educational projects for children and young people in order to sharpen their understanding of waste avoidance at an early age.

You can find out more about the valuable work of the environmental protection organisation at ozeankind.de.

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