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Own organic cultivation on our Santaverde Finca in Andalusia in pure manual work
In the hills of Andalusia lies the Santaverde Finca. The microclimate of Andalusia ensures the particularly high Aloverose content of our aloe vera plants. All year round here in Estepona everything revolves around our valuable raw material aloe vera.

Organic cultivation of aloe vera

The cultivation of the fields according to the rules of certified organic cultivation and the year-round care of the plants is exclusively done by hand. This way we can ensure the exceptionally high quality of our aloe vera juice, which is extracted from the fresh gel of the leaves.

Harvesting the aloe vera leaves
After the sunniest months of July and August, the main harvest season begins. All mature plant leaves in the fields are individually removed by hand from the mother plant. For this purpose, each leaf is carefully scratched at the base of the leaf and pulled off the plant stem with gentle physical force, without damaging the mother plant. All freshly harvested leaves are then brought directly at the Finca to further processing.

Processing the freshly harvested leaves
Pure manual work also ensures the naturalness and richness of active ingredients of the precious aloe vera gel, the main ingredient of all Santaverde products. No machine can replace the human hand and eye. The freshly harvested leaves are processed in our modern production laboratory in the middle of the aloe fields – this guarantees the extraordinary freshness of our raw material.

First of all, the leaves are freed from soil residues and carefully washed. After separating the thorny leaf sides and the hard outer shell, the soft inner leaf fillet is removed. Then the transparent gel fillets are selected for quality and purity.

The result
100 % pure aloe vera juice with the highest possible active ingredient richness, free from any additives for an intensive effect on the skin.

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