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The XINGU age perfect line: anti-aging facial care with antioxidant beauty plants from the Brazilian rainforest

Product line XINGU age perfect by Santaverde organic skin care.

The XINGU age perfect product line comprehensively and actively counteracts the already existing signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. In addition, the name of the product line already indicates the special properties of the anti-aging products. While "XINGU" symbolises the place of origin of the active plant ingredients contained in the products, the rainforest on the banks of the Rio Xingu, "age perfect" highlights the perfecting effect of the powerful anti-aging facial care line.

Centuries-old, exceptionally vital and powerful plants grow on the banks of the Rio Xingu, from which we extract the precious, antioxidant oils and extracts for our XINGU age perfect line. Pure plant juices from aloe vera and cashew are combined with a highly effective complex of hand-picked Brazilian beauty plants to create a unique elixir rich in active ingredients. Supplemented by active ingredients from nature's laboratory such as hyaluronic acid and ectoin, the synergetic interaction of all active ingredients achieves a noticeably firmer, smoother and more youthful skin feeling. The skin is nourished to the depths, thickened, firmed and shines with new perfection.

The XINGU age perfect line currently consists of five anti-aging products rich in active ingredients: An extra-gentle anti-aging facial cleanser (XINGU age perfect cleansing balm), a cell-stimulating anti-aging face toner (XINGU age perfect toner), a smoothing anti-aging face cream (XINGU age perfect cream), an antioxidant serum (XINGU age perfect serum), a rich eye cream (XINGU age perfect eye cream) and a vitalising eye serum (XINGU age perfect eye serum). The XINGU age perfect products can be optimally combined with each other, but also with the age protect, classic or pure product line. For nourishing facial care of mature skin and a firmed, smoothed and tightened skin feeling.

Products of the product line XINGU age perfect by Santaverde organic skin care.

Powerful beauty plants from the Brazilian rainforest

The Rio-Xingu in Brazil and cashew fruits on the tree.

The rainforest is an inexhaustible source of plants that are medicinally highly effective. The natives have been using the plants growing there for centuries as traditional healing and beauty remedies. Scientific studies from the last decades confirm the traditionally handed down effects.

Whether cupuacu against loss of elasticity, paracress as a "bio-botox" or guarana extract to stimulate cell metabolism - the unique treasures of the rainforest are especially ideal for the care of mature and demanding skin.

When extracting the cosmetic raw materials for the XINGU age perfect line, we pay particular attention to the sustainable protection of the rainforest: Healing natives collect ripe fruits and seeds from wild-growing trees without endangering the continued existence of these giants of the rainforest. Pure manual labour ensures the livelihood of the local population and the integrity of the rainforest. In addition, manual labour provides the certainty that only juices, oils and extracts with the entire active ingredient complex of the fresh plants end up in our cosmetics.

How we try to protect the rainforest in Brazil

Harvest workers harvesting cashews and Sophie and Roman Weber from TARGET e.V. with Waiãpi girls.

Since the area around the Rio Xingu and the indigenous people are threatened by the deforestation of the rainforests and the expulsion of the indigenous people to create power plants and cultivation areas for feed for the meat industry, we want to contribute to protecting the people and the rainforest with our raw material purchases. The raw materials of the XINGU age perfect product line therefore come from small cooperations and from certified wild collection or controlled organic cultivation. They are purchased according to the principles of fair trade.

Since social responsibility is an inseparable part of our corporate values, we have also decided to support the work of the human rights organisation TARGET e. V. with the sale of every XINGU age perfect product. Especially a luxury care like XINGU age perfect obliges us to take responsibility for the future of the environment and people and to give back a part of the sales proceeds to where it is especially needed. The non-profit association founded by Rüdiger and Annette Nehberg is also committed to the health and protection of the indigenous people of the Brazilian rainforest and the preservation of nature reserves.

More information about the XINGU age perfect line

Support for the human rights organisation TARGET: Jungle protection projects in the Brazilian rainforest

Eröffnung der kleinen Urwaldklinik Waiãpi © TARGET e. V.

Read here how the human rights organisation TARGET e. V. works for the health and protection of the indigenous people of the Brazilian rainforest and how we at Santaverde support the project.

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