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The pure line: Soothing facial care against impure skin

Product line pure by Santaverde organic skin care.

The pure product line effectively combats skin impurities and is particularly suitable for problem skin associated with inflammation and redness. Thanks to the very pure ingredient concept with a few selected, powerful active ingredients and the fragrance-free formulation, the pure products soothe stressed, inflamed and irritated skin and bring it back into a healthy balance.

You can use the light pure products on their own for impure or oily skin or as additional care in combination with other product lines in your skin care routine. This is ideal, for example, if you have skin problems associated with redness or inflammation and at the same time need richer care or have an additional anti-aging skin care need.

The pure line currently consists of five products: a pure purifying cleanser, a pure clarifying toner, a pure mattifying fluid, a pure refining serum and an SOS pimple-spot-treatment (pure anti-spot gel). All pure products have a balancing, skin-refining and soothing effect on the skin and help inflammation and redness to subside more quickly.

Products of the product line pure by Santaverde

Why aloe vera is the ideal active ingredient for skin problems

Quote foundress Santaverde Sabine Beer

Sabine Beer knows what she is talking about when it comes to problem skin. Because the story of Santaverde began with saving her own skin. Even at the age of 30 - long after the usual puberty acne - Sabine Beer was struggling with impure, inflamed and highly irritated skin. This is how she became aware of aloe vera, which first changed her skin and later - through the founding of Santaverde - her whole life.

Aloe vera juice is the ideal active ingredient against skin problems for obvious reasons: Aloe Barbadensis Miller has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years and has a medically proven, diverse range of effects: it moisturises and stores moisture, activates cell renewal, has an anti-inflammatory, cooling, soothing and calming effect. Santaverde therefore replaces the usual water phase in all its products with pure aloe vera plant juice (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) from its own controlled organic cultivation in Andalusia.

Read more about the history and foundation of Santaverde over 30 years ago here.

How do impurities develop on the face?

Impure skin is not a question of age. Not only young people in puberty have to struggle with skin impurities. Hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, environmental influences, stress or an unhealthy diet can also weaken the skin and lead to excessive sebum production, enlarged and clogged pores, inflammation and even skin diseases such as acne.

Impurities are not exclusively associated with oily skin but can also occur with dry skin. The use of highly degreasing facial cleansers, aggressive ingredients in face creams or medications often leads to redness, irritation or dryness and the oil and moisture balance gets out of control.

What helps against skin impurities on the face?

When caring for impure skin, choosing the right active ingredients is essential and a consistent and systematic skin care regimen can achieve a visible improvement in acne and blemished skin in the long term. Therefore, the mechanism of action of the pure products is as follows:

Infographic on the effects of the pure line.

Effective facial care for impure skin should therefore actively combat skin impurities and their reappearance without irritating or drying out the skin.

The active ingredients of the pure products

In addition to the Santaverde-typical, pure aloe vera juice, pansy flower extract and salicylic acid from willow bark extract are among the leading active ingredients of the pure line and are contained in all pure products. These two active ingredients are mainly responsible for the antibacterial effect and sebum regulation.

Close-up of a pansy.

Pansy flower extract

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antimicrobial
  • cleansing
  • regulates sebum production
  • supports a refined skin texture
Close-up of a willow bark.

Salicylic acid from willow bark extract

  • prevents inflammation of the sebaceous glands
  • has a horn-dissolving effect
  • antibacterial
  • gives a balanced skin appearance

Vitalising thyme hydrolate (contained in pure clarifying toner), anti-inflammatory rosemary hydrolate (contained in pure purifying cleanser) and healing zinc (contained in pure anti-spot gel) also have an antibacterial and sebum-regulating effect.

To soothe redness and irritation, the pure mattifying fluid and the pure refining serum also contain soothing evening primrose oil. Nourishing rosehip seed oil reduces reddened skin in pure mattifying fluid and pure anti-spot gel.

Hydrating hyaluronic acid (contained in pure mattifying fluid and pure refining serum) and pure aloe vera juice provide intensive moisture and protect the sensitive skin barrier.

The mechanism of action of salicylic acid

When applied externally to the skin, e. g. in the form of facial creams, salicylic acid primarily has a corneal dissolving effect (keratolytic), but also has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. Dead horny cells are dissolved more quickly by the salicylic acid and new skin cells can reach the skin surface more quickly. As a result, the sebaceous glands cannot clog so easily and thus cannot become inflamed.

Infographic on the mechanism of action of salicylic acid.

The right skin care for skin diseases

For most skin conditions, the right skin care can help relieve symptoms, as cosmetics provide the skin with nutrients, vitamins and moisture from the outside and protect the delicate skin barrier. Santaverde only produces cosmetic products and not medical preparations.

Based on the feedback of our customers as well as the experience of Santaverde cosmeticians and scientific findings on individual active ingredients, the products of the pure line can also be an ideal care for skin problems such as rosacea, couperose, neurodermatitis or psoriasis, as these skin diseases are almost always accompanied by inflammation or severe redness. It is difficult to make a general product recommendation for skin diseases. The diagnosis and treatment recommendation should therefore always be made by a dermatologist.

Cosmetics cannot cure skin diseases, they serve to care for and alleviate symptoms. Skin diseases should always be treated by a dermatologist!

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