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After Sun Guide

Frau sitzt am Strand unter einem Sonnenschirm und liest

As pleasant as a stay in the sun can be, our skin is very stressed by sunbathing. Sufficient sun protection should always be mandatory, as this is the only way to protect the skin from the damage caused by UVA and UVB radiation. These contribute to skin ageing and can cause cancer. But besides sun protection, the skin needs a lot of care after sunbathing to get back into balance. In our After Sun Guide, we reveal how we can treat our skin after sunbathing.

When to use after sun products

A nourishing after-sun lotion or a cooling after-sun gel should ideally be applied after every sunbath. The intense sunlight and heat draw moisture and important lipids from the skin, so it can also react with dry, flaky spots after a day in the sun. In addition, the skin heats up so that it is happy to be cooled down and additionally soothed in the evening.

Sun head and sun glasses at the beach

After Sun Care Routine

Before the after-sun care routine can start, the skin and hair should be cleaned of sunscreen residues and dirt as well as chlorine/salt water or sand with lukewarm water and mild cleansing products. This way, the skin is not unnecessarily irritated and the care can fully unfold its effect.

After Sun for the Face

Santaverde hydro repair gel

The light gel serum hydro repair gel with intensively moisturising aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid does something good for sun-stressed facial skin. The skin looks refreshed and relaxed, and elderberry and lavender blossom extracts as well as evening primrose oil soothe the skin. After cleansing, the serum is applied evenly to the face and massaged in with light circular movements. Every now and then, the skin also enjoys a cooling after-sun mask: for this, apply our all-rounder, pure aloe vera gel generously to the facial skin and leave to soak in for a while. Then massage in the residue. The cooling and moisturising effect of aloe vera immediately shows its beneficial effect on stressed skin.

After Sun for the Body

Santaverde aloe vera gel pur

Sun-damaged skin needs special care and attention, even if sufficient sunscreen has been applied, and it does not react reddened and irritated. Organic after sun care supports the regeneration of the skin and keeps it supple. This also helps to preserve the sun tan a bit longer. After a day in the sun, the skin stores the heat. Pure aloe vera gel offers a welcomed cooling effect in the evening. The cooling effect can be intensified if you store the aloe vera gel in the refrigerator. Sun allergies can also be alleviated by the itch-relieving gel.

After Sun Care after sunburn

If you have overdone it with sunbathing or have not protected your skin sufficiently, sunburn can occur. How quickly the skin can suffer a sunburn depends, among other things, on the skin type and the corresponding self-protection time of the skin. Once the skin is burnt, it needs time and protection to regenerate and recover. The most important premise: avoid the sun from now on at all costs and go into the shade. Protective clothing also helps to protect the skin from further sun exposure. They should be airy so as not to further irritate the skin through friction. To soothe the burns and help the skin to regenerate, it needs soothing and cooling care. Pure aloe vera gel, such as our aloe vera gel pur, with its anti-inflammatory effect, is ideal for soothing, cooling and rehydrating sunburned skin. You should also drink plenty of fluids, preferably water or unsweetened spritzers and teas, to replenish the fluids your body has lost due to sunburn.

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