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Santaverde toners care for the skin all day, wherever you are. They are not only a gentle facial tonic for preparing the skin for moisturiser: Whether soothing, vitalising, clarifying or protecting; the toners can be selected depending on the current skin condition and care goal. They optimise the daily beauty routine and offer the skin additional care. After cleansing, the fine spray of the toner is already the first care step for the skin before serum, cream or oil are applied. The vitality-rich moisture hydrates and serves as a transport system for the subsequent care.

Depending on your skin condition, choose between the vitalising toner classic, the soothing toner sensitive or the clarifying pure toner. Do you already want care for mature skin in this care step? Choose the age protect toner with the antioxidant effect of aloe vera blossom or the antioxidant XINGU age perfect toner with beauty plants from the Brazilian rainforest, supplemented with hyaluronic acid and ectoin.

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