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Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin
Sensitive skin
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About this category Sensitive skin

With stressed and sensitive skin, the skin barrier is weakened. It consists of a protective hydro-lipid film that lies on the skin. It prevents the skin from drying out and protects it from external irritants such as bacteria or allergens. If the skin's protective layer is weakened, the skin can react with irritation.

With a soothing, low irritant and restorative care, the skin barrier can be strengthened in the long term and the skin regains its natural balance: gentle cleansing with the mild cleansing emulsion, followed by the soothing toner sensitive and a cream to be chosen according to the skin's needs (the regenerating cream medium, intensively nourishing cream rich or especially nourishing extra rich cream & mask) have a balancing and strengthening effect. Applied before the creams, the hydro repair gel provides additional moisture and soothes stressed and sensitive skin. The eye cream regenerates the delicate eye area. 

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