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The Santaverde formulation principle

Intelligent active ingredient composition for healthy and beautiful skin

With over 200 valuable substances, aloe vera has an impressive range of effects. Our aim is to release its full effectiveness in our cosmetics. Each Santaverde product has a unique effect. The secret is an intensive composition of active substances from pure aloe vera juice (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) from our own controlled organic cultivation from our finca in Andalusia, supplemented by valuable plant oils and extracts.

Unique formula: Aloe instead of Aqua

The pure juice from the inside of the leaf, the aloe vera gel, is a highly effective complex of active ingredients for the skin and the entire organism. It supports the natural process of constant regeneration and is a large reserve of nutrients for young skin cells.

That is why we replace water, which is usually the main ingredient in cosmetic formulas, with our pure aloe vera juice, fresh from the field.

In this way, our compositions attain a unique concentration of active substances and so have a wide-ranging effect on the skin; regenerating, providing and binding moisture, soothing and protective - individually aligned to each of the skin's requirements.

Aloe vera juice is the first thing on our list

Normally, a cosmetic product consists mainly of water - which can be read first in the list of ingredients (INCI) on the product packaging. In all Santaverde products, aloe vera juice is the main ingredient and leads the INCIs. Unlike water, the pure juice of Santaverde organic skin care products contains all the ingredients of fresh aloe vera leaves, of which specific polysaccarides (aloverose), essential amino acids, enzymes, mineral salts, vitamins and antioxidants are particularly valuable and effective for skin care. Santaverde formulas for individual skin care needs. In this way, we create a unique effect for the health and beauty of the skin.

We completely avoid mineral oil derivatives, synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives and anything that stresses the skin.

Find out more about the effect of aloe vera on the skin here.

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