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Supporting TARGET e. V. : Rainforest protection projects in the Brazilian Amazon region

Photo: Opening of the small jungle clinic Waiãpi © TARGET e. V.

Social responsibility is a crucial part of our corporate values. Especially luxury care like XINGU age perfect obliges to assume responsbility for the future of the environment and people and to give back a part of the sales proceeds to where it is especially needed.

„We've been given a major part of our knowledge about the effects of medical plants by the Brazilian people as a natural gift. By supporting the rainforest protection projects from TARGET e. V. we would like to give something back. We've decided to donate 10 percent of the net proceeds of our anti-aging product line XINGU age perfect to the human rights organisation.“

Sabine Beer, Founder of Santaverde

The non-profit organisation TARGET e. V., founded by Rüdiger und Annette Nehberg, aims to protect human rights and promote international understanding.

In its jungle projects in the Brazilian Amazon, TARGET is committed to the health and protection of the indigenous people of the Brazilian rainforest and the preservation of nature reserves.

After Rüdiger Nehberg had successfully campaigned for the rights of the indigenous group of the Yanomami for 20 years and they received acceptable protection in 2000, TARGET has now turned its attention to the Waiãpi in the Brazilian Amazon and built them their first small health clinic back in 2003. zugewandt und ihnen bereits 2003 eine erste kleine Krankenstation gebaut. With the current project "Jungle Clinic", TARGET supports the wish of the indigenous people to be able to live self-determined in their ancestral forest. This project is valuable contribution to protecting the rights of the indigenous people, to sustainably supporting life in the forest and thus to preserving the Amazon rainforest.

Learn more about our XINGU age perfect skincare range and let the antioxidant performance convince you. The powerful anti-ageing care combines pure plant juices from aloe vera and cashew with a highly effective complex of hand-picked Brazilian beauty plants from the river courses of the Rio Xingu to create a uniquely active elixir.

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