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The age protect line: anti-aging face care as hyperpigmentation treatment

Product line age protect by Santaverde organic skin care.

The natural skin aging process begins at the age of 25. The skin slowly loses its elasticity, forms more wrinkles and tends to develop pigmentation spots. The age protect product line acts preventively against premature signs of skin aging and focuses on combating one particular sign of skin aging - the formation of pigmentation disorders.

In addition to pure aloe vera juice, the main active ingredient in age protect products is valuable aloe vera flower extract from our own certified organic cultivation on our aloe vera finca in Andalusia. We process this rare active ingredient into an antioxidant beauty elixir that has been proven to protect against free radicals and oxidative stress and to strengthen the skin's own resistance. An active ingredient complex from plant roots reduces the formation of pigmentation disorders, reduces hyperpigmentation and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Hydrating hyaluronic acid, strengthening plant extracts and nourishing oils complement the formulas of the age protect product line.

The age protect line currently consists of five anti-aging products that build on each other and can be optimally combined with each other, but also with other product lines. In addition to the moisturising and protective anti-aging face toner (age protect toner) the age protect line includes a regenerating, skin-firming anti-aging face cream (age protect cream), a gently firming anti-aging serum (age protect serum), a strengthening anti-aging face oil (age protect oil) and an intensively regenerating ampoule treatment with hyaluronic acid (age protect intensive treatment). For intensive facial care of demanding skin and a radiant, gently smoothed and even complexion.

Product line age protect by Santaverde organic skin care.

Aloe vera flower nectar: The anti-aging active ingredient of age protect products

Harvesting the aloe vera flowers.

Every year from January to April, the aloe vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) blooms bright yellow on our finca in Andalusia. The yellow colour is the pigment of the blossoms and indicates their antioxidant effect. The precious anti-aging active ingredient, the nectar, is contained in the many small calyxes that are found on the lance-shaped small shrubs of the aloe vera plants. During the flower harvest, the ripe flowers are carefully harvested by hand, sorted and pressed into an antioxidant elixir in our laboratory. Only direct, gentle harvesting and further processing by hand ensures that the valuable active ingredients of the blossom are preserved.

Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals and has a major impact on skin aging. Aloe vera flower nectar has a scientifically proven antioxidant effect* and thus protects the skin from oxidative stress and the premature signs of skin aging. The polyphenols contained in the flower nectar, a group of powerful antioxidants, can neutralise free radicals and thus effectively strengthen the skin's cell protection in a natural way.

*Cf. dissertation, Phytochemisches Screening der Blüten von Aloe vera (L.) Burm. f. (Aloe barbadensis Mill.) und Bestimmung ihrer antioxidativen Kapazität“ von Dr. Shirin Keyhanian, Hamburg, 2008

Active ingredient complex against pigment disorders

Plant roots.

The Santaverde age protect products combine an active ingredient complex from plant roots that reduces the development of pigmentary disorders and softens existing pigmentary changes. There are many different types of pigmented skin spots. For example, age spots that appear after a certain age belong to this category as well as freckles and hyperpigmentation caused by too much sun or hormonal changes. Scientific studies prove that the combination of root extracts, inspired by European phytotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine, effectively prevents pigmentation spots.

The mechanism of action: How can pigment disorders be removed?

The active ingredient complex from plant roots of the age protect line intervenes in the metabolism of melanin formation in a balancing way and reduces the activity of the enzyme that is responsible for melanin formation. As a result, less of the brown pigment is formed. This reduces the contrast between normal and hyperpigmented skin and the skin's appearance becomes more even.

Infographic on the mechanism of action against pigmentation spots.

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